Friday, 22 August 2014

Cost of Installing an Air Conditioning Unit in Sydney

This video depicts the considerations of installing a new AC unit system.

View the video above first for a simple explanation on costs of a cooling and heating unit for your home.

 - choose your efficiency and output power range of your AC Unit; - choose your brand; - choose the type of system to install (ducted, permanent, semi ducted); - choose where to locate your unit externally and internally; - determine maintenance and service program and schedule; - enjoy your new system; To get more details and help on what system to install or servicing your system please see more here.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Freezer and Coolroom Commercial Repairer - Call 0414 565 773

At we also fix and repair freezer walkins, and coolrooms. These are large commercial fridge units that services small and medium businesses in Sydney, Australia. Most common problems with these units are the positions of the motor units that can eventually cause fault to the smaller systems in the motor unit. In the video below, a repairer is explaining and fixing a Samsung fridge freezer which has a noisy new fan.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Heat Pump Hot Water System Repairs in Sydney

Fresh Refrigeration also services and repairs Heat Pumps Hot Water Systems in Sydney Australia. They have been servicing heat pumps for over 15 years.

 Should you have any problems with your heat pump, Call Fresh Refrigeration.
Fresh refrigeration video.

So what is a Heat Pump and What are its Benefits?

See the video below.

The video details basic understanding of the hot water heat pump. This type of hot water system can save you thousands of energy costs, as well as more efficiency in heating and your government can give rebates on purchases.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

A Simple Maintenance Job on your Domestic Fridge

  Video 1. Simple maintenance step to regularly clean your fridge.

In this video, our local resident fridge mechanic Rob, is called in to fix a domestic fridge. What he recommends is to do every 6 months, to clean the outside of your fridge unit. This is the warm area at the bottom back of your fridge, sometimes there is a front and back opening where you need to clean the outside grille.

The condensing unit causes this grille area to capture fine dust and they stick like glue to the grille. Once this area is covered in dust, the fridge will be forced to produce more power to condense. It is like you trying to breathe when your surrounded by smoke fumes. Your lungs, like the fridge compressor unit, will be trying to breathe out from all that smoke. So you can imagine the damage the dust can do to your fridge, if not attended to! More importantly, it could also save you a lot of headaches and money, because eventually the other parts of your fridge would breakdown.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fisher and Paykel fridge mechanic servicer in Sydney

Img 1a: Fisher and Paykel Fridge Service Company (Sydney call 0414 565 773) 

There has been service calls of late to, even during the colder months on fridge repairs relating to Fisher and Paykel models, strangely new models. For reasons unknown, however, after many calls from Inner West of Sydney and North Shore of Sydney, we have come to the conclusion that there was a faulty part on their side for latest models. The part was not of Fisher and Paykel's but a from a third party. It is of luck to our customers that we have have replacement parts to these fridges.

Now in comparison to Samsung fridge models, Fisher and Paykel models are still superior. We are not endorsing any brand company, but from our servicing and repair jobs we have done of late, in the Sydney region, we can confirm this statement as a fact.

Our potential customers must understand that we get frustrated to see new models becoming faulty so early in their lifetime. Obviously we would like to service your fridge, but sometimes it takes the 'cake' when the same problems arise.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Samsung fridge freezer water bottle leaking

How to repair Samsung fridge freezer RSH1 model water bottle buy genuine samsung spares direct from our shop here

For Samsung repairs in Sydney, our reliable fridge repair mechanic specialises in these Samsung Fridges.

how to repair samsung rsh1 model fridge water bottle part 2

how to repair Samsung rsh1 model water bottle part 2 Samsung have introduced a new style water bottle for the Samsung rsh1 models visit our store for Samsung...