Sunday, 13 July 2014

Freezer and Coolroom Commercial Repairer - Call 0414 565 773

At we also fix and repair freezer walkins, and coolrooms. These are large commercial fridge units that services small and medium businesses in Sydney, Australia. Most common problems with these units are the positions of the motor units that can eventually cause fault to the smaller systems in the motor unit. In the video below, a repairer is explaining and fixing a Samsung fridge freezer which has a noisy new fan.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Heat Pump Hot Water System Repairs in Sydney

Fresh Refrigeration also services and repairs Heat Pumps Hot Water Systems in Sydney Australia. They have been servicing heat pumps for over 15 years.

 Should you have any problems with your heat pump, Call Fresh Refrigeration.
Fresh refrigeration video.

So what is a Heat Pump and What are its Benefits?

See the video below.

The video details basic understanding of the hot water heat pump. This type of hot water system can save you thousands of energy costs, as well as more efficiency in heating and your government can give rebates on purchases.

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