Sunday, 25 May 2014

Samsung Refrigerator Repair - Not Cooling Properly - RS263TDBPXAA

Repair your Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator with the following symptoms: Not Cooling Properly At: Repair it yourself with our...

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Samsung American Fridge Freezers -- Mammoth Storage Space!!

This Samsung American Fridge Freezer looks great and stores loads of stuff! The Samsung G-Series American fridge freezer looks stunning in stainless steel.

Looking to buy a modern Fridge and Freezer? Look no more! There are many brands out there, but Samsung has the edge over others. They also have the edge in breakdown of these refrigerator units. In Australia, in particular in the suburbs of the Northern beaches, and Macarthur-Camden regions, there has been most service calls to local refrigerator repair mechanics. If you are one of those households that require the service of these mechanics, one can be found here:

Samsung Fridge Repair - Not cooling properly, freezing up

A Samsung refrigerator has these following issues, not cooling properly, freezing up on the back panel. A client's complaint: "Never buy a Samsung refrigerator. They are currently the subject of a class action lawsuit. Mine is the RS267, but it affects many if not most of their models. The coils in the fridge will freeze up, and prevent the fridge from cooling. There is no fix, and the only thing you can do it take it apart and manually defrost it, only to have the coils freeze up again within a month, and then you have to take it apart again." Not just on Samsung fridge models, but most likely some other fridge issues can not be fixed by DIY's. Fixing it yourself will possibly void your warranty. Best to call your local refrigeration repair service guy. Our go to local resident Samsung Repairer in Sydney is

Samsung Model RS261MDPN - Fridge Review

From a customer of Samsung's. She decided to do this review because after MUCH research and reading of reviews she finally decided to go with Samsung model refrigerator for her mother.

Refrigerator Repair Dependable Refrigeration

Refrigerator repair? When it comes to choosing an appliance repair service in Tucson, Arizona there's status quo and then there's highly dependable services. This company is just one of our favorites.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fridge repairing - Do it yourself

Repairing a refrigerator can be a mixed bag. You will be able to do basic repairs by yourself, but if you do like advanced repairs, then you should either learn the technical aspect of the refrigerator fridge or take a help of a refrigerator repairer.

Basic Refrigerator Repairing
The most common problem that you will face with a refrigerator is leakage. Depending on the location of the leakage, you have to first trace it and then fix the problem. If the leakage is from and around the main door, then you need to check the door seal, (which is a rubber seal called Gasket) and if it’s lose, then you will have to replace it with a new one. If the leakage is from the rear side of the refrigerator, then check the evaporation tray. It may be full and leaking from overflow. Another possibility is that the connecting cords from refrigerator to the tray are damaged and are causing the leaks. Sometimes the evaporator fans and its copper rods are faulty or installed poorly. These may cause leakage as when the temperature of the fridge contents changes. The copper rods and connections maybe simple poor workmanship. The main thing to look for is where the leak is which then can be fixed.

Make sure there is power going into the refrigerator, then check the main power cord and if it is damaged or burned, then it has to be either fixed or replaced. For advanced repairing, you need to learn it before you try your hands or your refrigerator, or else you can end up damaging your refrigerator or yourself! If you need assistance don't hesitate to consult